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while flowers bloom and fade away, a baby blankie is here to stay

You have entered our website, because you are obviously looking for a unique gift that stands out. At Baby Blankie Express we take pride in our product and we are truly dedicated to ensuring we provide a premium service.

A question which is frequently asked by my customers is “how did you come up with this idea?”. And my answer to that question is - After sending flowers to my friend who gave birth, then visiting her in hospital, I found that the flowers I sent her ended up in the nurse’s station. I felt that the money I was spending on big bouquets could have been spent on a gift that wouldn’t be placed aside. If only I had an alternative, convenient option - a gift that was more unique that would be appreciated. And this is where my idea came from. This is why I offer a product that is easy to order, unique and will definitely stand out. Baby Blankie Express takes the pressure off you, and provides a premium product which is personalised and delivered within 3-7 working days. Not only that, but you can be assured that your gift will be treasured for a lifetime.

At Baby Blankie Express, we offer a variety of styles and colours suitable for babies and children of all ages. All blankets are personalised with the child’s name, date of birth and birth weight (optional).

Our blankies make an ideal gift for newborns, baby showers, birthdays and christenings.

If you are happy with our product, please spread the word, And if you have any other comments, they’d like to be heard.

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Baby Blankie Express

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